- Gaetano Morelli Lectures Series -

Discourses on Methods in International Law
An Anthology
Rome: International and European Papers Publishing (2020)

This anthology collects some of the courses given at the third (2016), fourth (2017) and fifth (2018) editions of the Gaetano Morelli Lectures on "International Procedural Law: Common Principles or General Principles?", "Rethinking the Doctrine of Customary International Law" and "Methodologies of International Law". The volume is divided into three Sections respectively devoted to Methodology in International Reasoning (Section I), by Olivier Corten and Alessandra Gianelli, Methodologising Custom (Section II), by Michael Wood, and Methodology by Principles (Section III), by Serena Forlati and Jorge E. Viñuales.

ISBN 978-88-943616-1-2

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