The results of activities and research work by the CRDE are often published within scientific books and journals, both at national and international level.


European Papers – A Journal on Law and Integration
Carnets européens – Droit et intégration en Europe
Cuadernos Europeos – El derecho de la integración en Europa
Quaderni europei – Il diritto dell'integrazione in Europa

European Papers - Quaderni europei - Carnets européens was conceived as a cultural project: the intention of their founders was to build a place for reflection about European integration, intended as a tool for creating a new political Community.

Moreover, European Papers aims at playing an active role in this context, by carrying out a continuous research work on European integration in the last decades, as well as on its reasons, functioning and connection with social phenomena.
Such a cultural project entails the need for a settlement between opposite requirements: on the one hand, the need for a renewed conception of the main categories of the European integration; on the other hand, an update on the debate on these subjects. For this purpose, the European Papers project has been divided in a four-monthly e-Journal, freely accessible in order to remark the open nature of scientific research; and a European forum, which promotes a constant update, as well as a “second reading” of the debate on the topic of the European Union Law.


Gaetano Morelli Lectures Series

The Gaetano Morelli Lectures Series collect all courses and seminars held every year in the context of the Gaetano Morelli Lectures.
Like European Papers - Quaderni europei - Carnets européens, the Gaetano Morelli Lectures Series are freely accessible, because of the strong belief within the CRDE that anyone should be able to freely enjoy the activities and results of the research work.